Kitesurfing and Kiteboarding in Buffalo

The coast of Lake Erie just outside of Buffalo, NY. on both sides of the US and Canadian boarders offers truly world class kiteboarding/ Kitesurfing.
The picture above is taken at Bennett Beach in Angola, NY’s Grand View Bay, about 35 minutes outside of Buffalo. This spot is clean and sandy with no hidden hazards. This is about a 15knot day waves were small breaking about 3 feet. On a 25knot day this spot is epic and waves can break anywhere from 5 to 8 feet. Wind directions for this spot can be ridden from south to north, but is best at south west (port jump) and north west (starboard Jump).
Other spots to ride around Buffalo’s coast line are Sunset Bay, Point Breeze, Sturgeon point, Hamburg Beach, Woodlawn Beach all on the American Side, or the south shore of Lake Erie. On the Canadian side, or the north shore, there is Pleasant Beach at Sherkston Shores, Crystal Beach and Thunder Bay . Now all mentioned are public and easy to get to.
If you want to learn more about other kitesurfing spots in the Greater Buffalo Area visit:
Happy ridding, Wardo