Yes you can Stand up Paddle Surf, in Buffalo

If you always dreamed about surfing, it is easier now than ever. Paddle boarding is sweeping the nation, and you can do it hear as well. You do not need surf, just water and we have allot of that in WNY. This is my Dad @ 82 years old, first day out, getting it done. So don’t just dream about it come buy one of these Amundson Hawaii Paddle boards @ urban threads. Sizes available: 10’6″, 11’3″, 11’6′. Board $1249, Paddle $130. (SALE together $1099) you save $300. Yes it is an expensive board but keep in mind this is a high quality hand made fiberglass board. Other less expensive brands are made from plastic or some are made from soft foam with a PVC plastic wrap do not get duped.
O, and yes there is actually surf able waves on Lake Erie and it is good, check out this link

Update 5/5/12

The thousand
dollar price barrier on Epoxy SUP’s
has been broken.
Get a quility epoxy Smooth SUP

for $899 + tax

 plus the SUP comes with a Carbon fiber paddle worth $200 free
Available at

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