Women’s Fall Style Guide from Urban Leisure & Luxury on Elmwood in Buffalo!

 Casual Luxury
Looking for something to wear to the pumpkin patch, or apple picking this Fall but still want to be stylish? Here are some cute ideas for staying fashionable and cozy during this Fall/Winter’s activities! Whether your headed to the pumpkin patch or running errands, you’re sure to look cute in these trendy plaids, handmade infinity scarves & hats and luxury knits!
Plaid flannels are not only cozy and casual, but are also currently very trendy fall fashions! This means you can be comfortable and warm and still in style! We love this Dex plaid because of the over-sized breast pockets and snap closures instead of buttons! A unique plaid can be dressed up by layering to create what ever look you may be going for. Try layering a plaid under or over a sweater on a chilly day to keep warm and Boho Chic. Try layering a plaid over a frilly lace or chiffon detailed top for a more dressed up and fashion forward look. Don’t forget to accessorize with hats, scarves, and lots of jewelry! We decided to make this look pop by pairing two primary colors! We added this mustard yellow handmade beanie (pictured in brown to the left) because yellow and red are primary colors that compliment when paired with each other. By layering the plaid flannel over an ivory v-neck sweater with chiffon trim, we created a leisurely feminine look. We also added several gold Buffalo necklaces to the layered look!
*All items pictured above can be found at Urban Leisure & Luxury at 716 Elmwood Ave. in Buffalo.
Hat: Handmade in Chicago beanie available in green, mustard, rust, brown, oatmeal and charcoal grey
Sweater: Dex chiffon trim v-neck sweater
Button down: Dex plaid flannel
Jeans: Buffalo by David Bitton stretch, faded skinny jeans 
Our favorite Fall pick is this Buffalo by David Bitton over-sized bat wing sweater. It’s two different knit patterns make it unique and different than other bat wing, cowl neck sweaters! We accessorized this look with an infinity scarf, that doubles as a hood if preferred. You could further accessorize this look by adding jewelry, a jacket, and/or more layers. Try layering this sweater over a form fitting plaid flannel to be extra cozy this Fall!
Top: Buffalo by David Bitton bat wing sweater
Scarf: Zig-Zag knit infinity scarf by Look
Jeans: Buffalo by David Bitton

Above: Part of our women’s Fall accessories selection! Check out all of the different Fall shades and patterns! These are sure to spice up any look.

What Fall looks like in Urban Leisure & Luxury’s men’s dept. – Buffalo

Men’s Fall 2014 Fashions:
Versatile up-to-date Fashions
Below are some dressy and trendy men’s Fall fashions. 
They are luxury brand, ‘in’ style and leisurely comfortable.
1.) This 7Diamonds plaid button down shirt is an essential piece for Fall 2014. You can dress it up with some skinny khakis, colored denim or dark wash denim and a belt. This button down can be worn out for a night on the town, to work, and even to school. Plaid is ‘in’ for Fall 2014, so be sure to pick up your plaid statement piece before the cool Fall weather swoops in! (More Fall plaid prints from Urban Leisure & Luxury shown below).
2.) These dark faded wash Buffalo by David Bitton slim leg jeans are a perfect fit for your Fall wardrobe. They will dress up any outfit and the slim fit is very trendy. These jeans are stretchy and soft, which will make you want to wear them to class instead of your over-worn sweat pants!
3.) This embroidered button down shirt is super stylish especially when paired with some dark denim and a wooden skinny tie or wooden bow tie (currently out of stock). (Close up of the embroidered pattern to the right).

4.) Wood is in for Fall 2014, so be sure to be trendy and pick up this wooden tie from Urban Leisure & Luxury! They come in both skinny and regular widths and are the perfect accessory to up the trendiness of any look. 
5.) These medium stone wash, slim fitting Levi’s are a great denim for Fall 2014. The wash is dressier and far trendier than a plain light wash denim, and the slim fit makes them appear to be dressier than a regular or looser fitting jean.

6.) This versatile Buffalo by David Bitton genuine leather belt is a must have for Fall 2014! The inside has a trendy plaid pattern printed right onto the brown leather. This belt can be worn one of two ways. It can be worn like a normal belt where the plaid (on the inside) is hidden, or the end of the belt can be pulled back through the buckle for a second look, that allows for the plaid to be visible.


7.) This Buffalo by David Bitton button down is our favorite Fall 2014 men’s garment yet! The shirt manages to incorporate three of the ‘in’ Fall fashions for 2014 by it’s dark denim shell, leather collar and matte black buttons! Purchasing this shirt will definitely make you the most stylish man in Buffalo!
Fall Colored Casual Luxury

Below are men’s Fall garments in this year’s pantone colors. 

They ‘in’ style, leisurely casual with a luxury feel.

1. & 2.) This cozy Volcom v-neck sweater can be layered with a long sleeve button down or worn by itself. Try pairing one of these fall colored sweaters with grey denim for a luxury cool look while still feeling leisurely casual.
3. & 4.) These fall colored Volcom polos are light and can be layered with a sweater, a flannel or a jacket for a cooler fall day. 
5.) These medium grey Volcom jeans are casual and comfy. They are neutral in color, so they can be paired with almost any color top.
6.) These forest green pants put a new spin on casual, fading from solid at the waist to dark army print at the bottom pant legs. Try pairing these with a solid long sleeve T shirt, so that you dont take away from the detailing! 
7.) This Volcom belt is adjustable to fit almost any waist size. Its cool army colors allow it to be paired with almost any casual fall outfit!