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Urban Leisure and Luxury

Urban Leisure and Luxury is located in the heart of Buffalo's "Elmwood Village"

UL&L boutique offers trendy contemporary clothing for men & women. UL&L has been voted the #1 men's and women's clothing boutiques in Buffalo, by our best customers 😉 Urban L&L also carries over 400 pair of sunglasses, making it the largest retailer of designer sunglasses in the city. The City of Buffalo is becoming more and more cosmopolitan and affluent, in turn the city is becoming more walkable and bike friendly, so Urban L&L is offering FUN new ways to explore the urban environment with out the use of a car. Urban is now offering Electric Skateboards to cruse around our streets and sidewalks and Stand Up Paddle Boards to get around our vast waterways. Everyone desires and deserves a little Leisure and Luxury. Enjoy!

Edward Aka. Wardo and Maureen met on Spring Break 1986 in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. After graduating from Buffalo State College they both followed Ward's dream of Living and Skiing in Utah. Ward was on the Deer Valley Ski Patrol and Maureen was the manager of Stein Erickson's wife's ski boutique named Bjorn Stova. 



Frame Urban Owners

After moving back to Buffalo in 1990, they got married in 1991 and then set out on their honeymoon, which was a trip around all of the Great Lakes. After traveling through several coastal towns they noticed cool little surf/snow lifestyle shops. This trip inspired them to open Urban Surfer, Inc. a year later, which has evolved to what is known today as Urban Leisure and Luxury.


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Fram-StaffEveryone needs a little leisure & luxury in their lives, so let our friendly staff help you achieve just that!

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